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The thought of getting married at the same place where Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati once performed a celestial wedding is truly fascinating and surely a dream come true.
If you wish to take your wedding plans one step further and make your special day unforgettable, then We are the right choice for you. We will arrange for a perfect wedding at the Triyuginarayan Temple in Uttarakhand. Just Book Now and Leave the Rest to Us.

Triyuginarayan Temple Wedding Package

As stated above, Triyuginarayan is revered mainly due to the known fact that it was a plumped for wedding destination of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Based on Hindu mythology, Parvati practiced penance to please Lord Shiva at Gaurikund, situated a distance that is short from Triyuginarayan. Later Lord Shiva proposed Goddess Parvati at Guptkashi for marriage that occurred as of this destination that is holy which ended up being also the main city of Himavat, the daddy of Goddess Parvati. The ceremony that is sacred formalized by Lord Vishnu himself and was witnessed by entire Hindu pantheon whom also took a dip in three out of the four ponds here. The ashes from the fire that is perpetual here are considered holy and are usually taken back by the devotees for conjugal bliss.




Early Morning Fly From Dehradun to Phata By Personal charter, On Arrival Our Team Will Welcome you and move to Resort, In evening Mehndi Ki Raat Celebration . Overnight Stay at Resort.



Morning After Breakfast, Wedding Couple and Relatives Will travel to Triyuginarayan Temple For Wedding Custom. Back to Resort and Dinner Hosted by Couple, Overnight Stay.

Wedding Process and Rituals at Triyuginarayan

1. Bath from Holy Kund – Before the marriage, the couples need to take a bath from the water of three holy Kund – Rudra Kund, Brahma Kund and Vishnu Kund. It is believed that Shiva and Parvati also took a bath from the water of these three pools before their marriage.

2. Seven Rounds around Akhand Dhuni – ‘Akhand’ means ‘Perpetual’ and ‘Dhuni’ means ‘Flame’. Akhand Dhuni is an eternally burning flame present in the temple around which Lord Shiva and Parvati took seven rounds of marriage. The couples also take seven rounds around that pious fire amidst the Vedic mantras, reciting specific vows in each round.

3. Offerings of Wood or Samidha – The word ‘Tri Yug’ means three ages. It is believed that devotees are offering wood to the fireplace of this temple since three Yugas. During the marriage, couples also add Samidha (offerings of wood) to this eternal flame in front of the temple and collect the ashes as blessings.



After breakfast Will ready to see off wedding couple and friends and relative will have lunch at resort , after lunch check-out from hotel and move to dehradun.

Destinations to Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

Often to ignite love, a re-cation after your first ever honeymoon is much needed and the only best time to connect and feel like newlyweds is during your anniversary. It is that perfect occasion to celebrate by escaping to a place anew to spend some cozy time together. And for these special trips to celebrate your wedding anniversary, India is awaiting to welcome you with several romantic destinations. Sojourn in some mesmerizing places that we have laid down for you below to rekindle your beautiful wedding memories and that of your honeymoon.



All Meals
Stay at La FIyoli Resort Phata
All Transfers & Sightseeing by Private Car/Decided Vehicle
Transportation from New Delhi / Haridwar / Dehradun / Rishikesh as per the package.
All decoration and arrangement as per the finalize of given package.


Triyuginarayan Temple Wedding Package 2 Nights 3 Days 2024


Any Train / Domestic Air Tickets and Helicopter Ticket
Any Meals unless mentioned
Porter, pony, horse, cable car, boat
Travel / personal health insurance
Personal expenses of the clients or any other expenses incurred due to bad weather
Lakha mondal, Chopta Sightseeing As per direct payment basis

Triyuginarayan Temple Wedding Package 2 Nights 3 Days Price 2024

Note: Lowest rate mentioned above and rates of the Triyuginarayan Temple Wedding Package 2 Nights 3 Days 2024 may vary based on hotels as well as transportation available on that date. To Get the latest 2024 quote for this “Triyuginarayan Temple Wedding Package 2 Nights 3 Days“, contact our travel agent by this Travel Booking Form

Triyuginarayan Temple Wedding Package 2 Nights 3 Days rates displayed above are most affordable and subject matter to change without prior notice. Triyuginarayan Temple Wedding Package 2 Nights 3 Days rates are different on group number, transportation & hotels. Kindly contact to our Chardham Travel Agency before booking.

Below rates are on twin/triple sharing basis for entire package

Triyuginarayan Temple Wedding Package 2 Nights 3 Days – Chardham Yatra 2024


Haridwar is an important gate to the Chota Chardham Yatra . It’s situated in the base hills of the shivalik range. It is very a sacred destination for yatri coming in Uttarakhand. Haridwar fill it is location with the banks of the sacred river Ganga. Char Dham Yatra includes of touring to Dham Yamunotri Dham, Gangotri Dham, Kedarnath ji Dham, Badrinath ji Dham. Haridwar is as well recognized by names such as Tapowan, Gangadwar and Mayapuri. Yartis also think of it as “The Gateway Of Chota Char Dham”, “The religious Land Of Hindus” etc. The well recognized Kumbh Mela is arranged in Haridwar once after every twelve years as well as the Ardha Kumbh Mela happens after six years. Besides from being a divine destination, it is usually significantly famous for arts, science as well as culture. The holiest of all, the fantastic Ganga River passes all the way through it.

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Rishikesh has become a religious destination of extreme significance. The title of the city is taken from from”Hrishikesh”. Hrishikesh stands for the another name of the Hindus lord Shri Vishnu. That it stays located at an elevation of 357 meters above sea level. Rishikesh is situated on the right bank of the holy The Ganga River. Himalayan areas enclose Rishikesh on about three sides. The sacred palace offers many dharamshalas, meditation hubs, river rafting , hotels, resorts and yoga sites. Hundreds and hundreds of supporters and fans arrive at Rishikesh for the peace of mind of their soul. It is believe that Adi Shankaracharya checked out Rishikesh in 9th century AD. Rishikesh also turned into remarkably popular for its theology from ancient age. Bharat sibling of lord Rama also made negative self-retribution in Rishikesh. The historical legends also mention in which Lord Rama follow through his penance here. He dedicated his penance just after killing Ravana. Ravana was the lord of Lanka.

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Yamunotri ji is becoming a significant part of the Chota Chardham Yatra, Yamunotri is actually one of the divine Hindu religious destinations for Hindus. It is located in the wonderful part of Garhwal Himalayas. River Yamuna is the origin of Yamunotri. The sacred shrine is positioned at the left side of River Yamuna. The Yumunotri temple was regained by Maharaja Pratap Shah of Tehri Garhwal, in Uttrakashi district. Yamunotri Dham is located at an elevation of 3,294 meters above the sea level. The actual sacred shrine is dedicated to Devi Yamunotri.

Definitely worshiped because the source of the marvelous River Yamuna, Yamunotri is renowned for its actual glaciers, as well as hot springs which creates it undoubtedly one of the most significant stopovers in the plan of a Hindu religion. Based upon on Hindu custom, Yamuna is the sibling of Yama, the lord of death as well as a sacred dip with such a great river protects a easy death to the devotee

A fascinating as well as stimulating place in the step of Garhwal mountain peaks, Yamunotri offers beautiful environment together with the amazing shrubs, rich meadows and effusive cascades. A legendary place, which demands lots of courage and stamina to reach, Yamunotri would be a perfect place for those who love escapades. The trek to Yamunotri is splendid, subjugated by mind stilling opinions of rugged mountains and dense forests.

From the snow coves summits to the mineral lakes, Yamunotri offers amazingly romanticist attracts on stock for people who are young at heart. Its impacting walking trails next to the effusive streams provides number of the incredible moments that one could you should never forget.

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Gangotri ji One of the primary spiritual location among the Chota Char Dham religious areas, Gangotri, located in Uttarkashi, is strongly associated to Mata Ganga, the river that we refer to as Ganges. A brief history of Gangotri goes back to hundreds of years when Mata Ganga changed by herself directly into the Ganga river to end the sins of King Bhagirath’s ancestors and forefathers, appropriate his penance. Gangotri is a well-known religious place in India, which is located at an elevation of 3042 metres and emits a extremely pious aura. Spiritual traditions are in full swing in the Gangotri mandir with the Arti activity done by the pujaris of the Semwal family.

The river Ganga origin at the Gangotri glacier as well as is recognized as Bhagirathi. The title Ganga selects up later on immediately after the river flows Devaprayag and combines into the river Alaknanda.

The stunning existence of the snow coved mountain range in the location and the genuine crystal clear water of the Ganges moving all-around add to the sanctity of the destination.

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Badrinath ji One of the most well-known in the Chardham tour, Sandwiched in between Nar and Narayan mountain peak ranges, Badrinath Temple in the Chamoli region of Uttarakhand is one amongst the absolute most desired immediately after pilgrim centers in the Indian subcontinent. Badrinath is perfectly located in the background of the colossal Neelkanth mountain range and never breaks to reach the tourist spellbound with its unique gorgeousness. The term Badrinath is a method of badri, which suggests the location where beries grow amply.

A site, which kind of keeps a variety of myths as well as legends, Badrinath obtains predomination in the tour itinerary of a religious. The well-known belief is that Badarinath was the domain of Lord Shiva, as well as Lord Vishnu managed to move Shiva at this point to Kedarnath. An additional perception is that when Ganga prepared her descend to earth she broken up in to a dozen flow and one amongst the channels, Alakananda believed on Kedarnath that provides Badrinath it’s magnificent look.

It’s not at all just leisure activities, shrines as well as pilgrimage that Badrinath provides. It proffers the fabulous wonder of the snow covered mountain peaks and the surging surroundings of the Garhwal region.

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Kedarnath Ji is historical as well as incredible Kedarnath temple is situated in the Rudra Himalaya range, is more than a 1,000 years old, constructed of significant rock blocks over a huge rectangle-shaped structure. Rising throughout the massive gray stairs bringing about the holy place sanctums we find inscriptions in Pali is on the stairs. The current mandir was constructed by Adi Shankaracharya. The internal wall structure of the temple holy place are decorated with figures of many deities and also views from myths. Based upon legends, the Pandavas wanted the blessings from lord Shiva to atone their sin just after the conflict of Mahabharata. Lord Shiva escaped them over and over and also although fleeing took refuge at Kedarnath during the shape of a bull. On becoming adopted, he jumped into surface leaving behind his hunch on the floor. Outside of the Kedarnath Mandir entrance a big statue of the Nandi Bull appears as guard. It’s presently, that the gates of the mandir are hosted open to yatris, who travel from every part of India, for a holy place pilgrimage.

Kedarnath is among the the holiest pilgrimages for the Hindu Custom, and The Kedarnath temple is on the list of four major sites in India’s Chota Char Dham pilgrimage of Northern Himalayas. This temple really is the maximum amongst the twelve Jyotirlingas. It is usually set around the spectacular mountain peak of the Garhwal Himalayas from the head of the Mandakini River. Kedar is just one more name of lord Shiva, the guard and the destroyer. The place of worship of Kedarnath is really scenically located, and is enclosed by lofty, snow – coated peaks, and during the summer months grass-covered meadows covering the valleys. Right away at the rear of the temple, is the maximum Keadardome peak, which are always sighted from ideal distances. The view of the Kedarnath temple and the breathtaking peak with its never-ending snows a lot is actually fascinating.

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FAQ – Triyuginarayan Temple Wedding Package 2 Nights 3 Days

Where is Triyuginarayan temple situated?

Triyuginarayan temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It is situated in the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand at an elevation of 1980 metres

What are the timings of Triyuginarayan Temple?

The timings of Triyuginarayan Temple are 7 AM to 2 PM (Morning) and 4 PM to 8 PM (Evening).

What is the history of Triyuginarayan Temple?

As per the history, Triyuginarayan is the place where the marriage of Shiva and Parvati took place at the Brahmashila, an Agni-Kund in front of the temple.

How to reach Triyuginarayan Temple?

The nearest airport is Jolly Grant in Dehradun (244 km). The nearest railway station is Rishikesh (261 km). By Road, the temple is 12 km away from Sonprayag.

What is the distance of Triyuginarayan from Dehradun?

The distance of Triyuginarayan from Dehradun is 260 km via road.

How to get married at Triyuginarayan Temple?

Devotees can get married at Triyuginarayan with the blessings of Shiva and Parvati. Myoksha will arrange for a perfect wedding at Triyuginarayan. Just Book Now and Leave the Rest to Us.

What is the wedding cost at Triyuginarayan?

he wedding cost at Triyuginarayan is only 20-30% of what you spent on weddings at a hotel or lodge. Here you can expect the wedding under budget.

What is Triyuginarayan Temple Contact Number?

If you wish to tie your wedding knots at Triyuginarayan and make your special day unforgettable, then you can contact or call us at +91-8802111678.


Why Book With Us Triyuginarayan Temple Wedding Package 2 Nights 3 Days ?

We also provide customized Triyuginarayan Temple Wedding Package 2 Nights 3 Days for the client who wants to uttrakhand travel in groups. Triyuginarayan Temple Wedding Package 2 Nights 3 Days offers a stay in neat and clean hotels in Char Dham, customized menus and tour with comfortable cars. We provide the most affordable Kedarnath Yatra Packages to our customers. Our offered Triyuginarayan Temple Wedding Package 2 Nights 3 Days will plan a hassle-free journey in this 2024. Thus, by registering yourself with the Triyuginarayan Temple Wedding Package 2024, you can book our services and get a opportunity to know about our travel plan for Triyuginarayan Temple Wedding Package 2 Nights 3 Days 2024 before anybody else.


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Triyuginarayan Wedding Planner 2024

What makes Triyuginarayan significant and popular for weddings?

1. Snow-capped Himalayas, Lush Greenery and Peace – The place is situated at an elevation of 1,980 metres and offers panoramic views of snow-covered mountains of the beauteous Garhwal region. This makes it the most preferred wedding destination for the couples wanting spiritual ambience in the lap of Himalayas.

2. Blessings of the Hindu Trinity – Couples tying their knot in Triyuginarayan are believed to get the divine blessings from Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva (the Hindu Trinity) at one single place.

3. Promote Conjugal Bliss – After the wedding rounds, the ashes remaining from the burning fire or Akhand Dhuni is considered the holiest. Couples carry it back with them as the ashes from this fire are believed to promote conjugal bliss and happy married life.

4. Part of Char Dham Yatra – Triyuginarayan temple is also considered a part of the holy pilgrimage Char Dham Yatra Destinations in Uttarakhand.

5. Local Touch – Couples can choose to add a local touch to their weddings with local religious traditions of Gharwal region, folk music (Maangal Geet), and varieties of food.

6. Wedding Cost under Budget – The wedding cost at Triyuginarayan is only 20-30% of what you normally pay for weddings at a hotel, lodge or farmhouse. So, you can expect the wedding under budget in nature’s lap.

Celebrities who got married at Triyuginarayan

In January 2017, TV actress Kavita Kaushik got married in Triyuginarayan Temple. She is popularly known as Chandramukhi Chautala for her leading role in the comedy TV series F.I.R

The temple is drawing the attention of the rich and the famous as well. Last year, business tycoon Mukesh Ambani was also considering Triyuginarayan Temple as the venue for the wedding of his son Aakash.

The weddings of Ghaziabad’s IPS, Aparna Gautam and Nainital’s ADM, Lalit Mohan also took place at Triyuginarayan Temple. Triyuginarayan is increasingly becoming a preferred wedding destination for international couples as well.

What is the best time to get married at Triyuginarayan?

The best time to visit Triyuginarayan is between the months of October and March (Winter season) and April to June (Summer season). Also, the temperature and weather at Triyuginarayan remains between 0°C and -15°C in winters (October to March) and between 20°C and 36°C in summers (April to September).

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Helicopter service for Kedarnath Temple 2024

Preparations for the Chardham Yatra are going on in full swing in the state. Kapat of world famous Baba Kedarnath Dham will be opened for devotees on May 17 at 5 am. Devotees will be able to reach Baba Kedarnath ‘s Dham through heli service . Booking for Heli service will begin from April 1


Baba Kedar’s ‘doli’ leaves for Kedarnath Dham

The doors of Kedarnath Dham are to open on April 29. 43 years later, this time Baba Kedar’s Doli was taken from Gaurikund from Ukhimath. Earlier in 1977, Baba Kedar’s Doli was moved from Ukhimath to Guptkashi. At the same time, devotees also could not see Baba’s doli due to the doli going in the