Gaib Sagar Lake Dungarpur

Located in the heart of the city, Gaib Sagar Lake is mainly famous for the tourists attracttions that nestles on its lakeside and a good variety of migratory birds that consider this location as their home. Thousands of ducks, gray and purple herons, egrets, purple moorhens, white breasted waterhens, bee-eaters and green pigeons are seen near the lakeside. The lakes look beautiful especially in the evening when the sun starts descending slowly beyond the hill. Do visit the shrine of Shrinathji, which contains the beautifully carved Vijay Rajrajeshwar Temple. Sacred to Lord Shiva, Shrinathji features the skilled craftsmanship of the famed sculptors or ‘shilpkars’ of Dungarpur. Besides the Srinathji, tourists can also visit the Badal Mahal, Vijay Rajrajeshwer Temple, and Udai Bilas Palace, all located on the bank of lake.