Heritage Tourism in Rajasthan

Heritage Tourism in Rajasthan

Rajasthan – the land of Rajas – is a sparkling diamond in India’s crown. Bestowed with some of the finest specimens of palaces, forts and museum, Rajasthan truly captures the essence of India and reflects the ritzy and swanky lifestyle of its people. Every corner of the state is decorated with distinctly unique architecture; each tells a unique story of chivalry, victory or rout. And to know more about these tales and fables, tourists from every corner of the world throngs to Rajasthan for their luxury heritage tour.

There are hardly places in the world that could match with the astonishing architectural heritages of Rajasthan. Over the years, Rajasthan has witnessed the rule of multiple kingdoms. The soil of this state is the first-hand witness of bloodbaths; riots of laughter; pride, and traditions since the time immemorial. And to express their every emotion, the upper echelons of the society built magnificent palaces and forts. The result is that state is awash with priceless treasures. In addition, stunning art, murals and signature paintings developed and nurtured in palaces and forts of Rajasthan also reflects the exquisite taste of maharajas. Such strong are the heritages of Rajasthan that even after their so many years of formation, the marvelous charm is still retained, and a good number of them are converted into hotels, while others still serve as the principal residence of the erstwhile royal family. Some of these are even counted amongst the world’s largest private residences.

A holiday in Rajasthan is somewhere like a journey to the past. A walk through these haunting sights and vibrant streets is one the best way to explore India’s eternal state and the world’s inspiring destination.

Heritage Holiday Packages for Rajasthan

Golden Triangle With Amritsar

Duration : 07Nights/08Days

Best of Rajasthan

Duration : 12Nights/13Days

Rajput Heritage India

Duration : 17 Nights 18 Days

Romantic Rajathan 

Duration : 04 Nights 05 Days

Popular Forts in Rajasthan

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