Lake Foy Sagar

Lake Foy Sagar was created as a Famine Relief Project in the year 1892 in Ajmer, Rajasthan by an Englishman. The Lake got its name from the engineer Mr. Foy, under whose supervision it was constructed to cope up with the scarcity of water in the city and its surrounding areas during the famine. It is an artificial flat water-body and gives picturesque view of neighboring Aravalli Mountains. This magnificent lake is spread over 14,000,000 Sq Feet and can hold 15 million cubic feet of water in it. Ajmer was called Ajmere when it was made with the specific purpose, which is now a well-known tourist spot. Its original capacity is 15 million cubic feet, and the water is spread over 14,000,000 square feet (1,300,000 m2). The place is a famous picnic spot for the local residents during winters.


You can visit this place round the year but it looks beautiful during monsoons when the lake is full with water and lots of greenery around or in winters. October to March is the best time to visit.


Visit Dargah Shariff for wish fulfillment along with Pushkar Lake (5.2 Km), Nasiyan Jain Temple (5.1 Km), Brahma Temple (5.1 Km), Savitri Temple (5.5 Km), Pushkar Yoga Garden, Deepak Ayurveda Massage Centre for a relaxing body SPA, Ana Sagar Lake and Bahar Cooking Classes for trying your culinary skills on the local cuisine.

You can get Tie-and-dye saris and dress material, beautiful Jodhpuri jootis, ornaments and Ittar from any local market in Ajmer.

Lake Foy Sagar is a beautiful artificial lake which has taken a permanent place in the map of Rajasthan. You can come and spend a nice time here with your near and dear ones. Enjoy the sunset which gives a scenic beauty of the setting sun before leaving this place with a long lasting memory.