Lake Palace Udaipur

Built in 1746 as a residence for Mewar dynasty royals, the historic Lake Palace floats in the center of Lake Pichola. It was the official residence of all the rulers during winters. The palace’s decadent reputation was cemented when the James Bond film Octopussy was filmed on its premises. Occupying a four-acre island in Pichola Lake, the hotel appears to float on turquoise water.

As per the facts, Maharana Jagat Singh II used to indulge in moonlight picnics with the ladies of the Zenana on the lake island palace of Jag Mandir. A pleasurable pastime – until his father found out. With that option closed to him, there was only one solution. He built his own pleasure palace on a different island in Lake Pichola. Begun in 1743 and inaugurated in 1746, the new palace was named Jag Niwas after his highness Maharana Jagat Singh II, 62nd successor to the royal dynasty of Mewar.