Uttarakhand, the land of Gods, is a accepted place where divinity seems to echo in every part.

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Uttarakhand, the land of Gods, is a accepted place where divinity seems to echo in every part


Welcome to Book My Chardham Yatra, is the most preferred portal offering best discounted Chardham Yatra Tour Packages, Do Dham Yatra Package, Ek Dham Yatra Package & Chardham Yatra by Helicopter from Haridwar, Dehradun and Delhi. You will discover four dwelling in Himalayas together called as “Chota Char Dham of India or Char Dham Uttarakhand” and well-known as “CharDham Yatra” that also includes four sacred shrines of Hindus: Badrinath Dham, Gangotri Dham, Kedarnath Dham and Yamunotri Dham. Each one of these mandir are located lap of the Garwhal region of Uttarakhand state in North India. Among four holy dhams Kedarnath is committed to Lord Shiva while Badrinath is committed to Lord Vishnu. On the another hand, Yamunotri are dedicated Goddess Yamuna rivers respectively and Gangotri are dedicated to Goddess Ganga and Yamuna rivers imporatant Rivers In Hindu religion, the CharDham Yatra 2023 have a extremely significance, and it is regarded that all hindu must do Chardham yatra at minimum one time in a lifetime. is an effort of The India Yatra to deliver all the services connected to chardham yatra packages 2023 in Uttarakhand within one dedicated Chardham website. We offers in all great pre-made as well as personalized Char Dham Yatra Tour Packages, Online Chardham Hotel Booking, Chardham Helicopter Services,Chardham Taxi Service, Chardham Camps, Chardham Tour Package, Chardham Group Tours etc. Get total services of Chardham Yatra and also modify Chardham tour packages for any dham of chardham tour 2023.


Char Dham, recognized as the Chhota Char Dham or Uttarakhand Chardham, has a excellent spiritual importance for Hindus all over the globe. Planned to get one of the holiest spiritual sites in India, the Chardham Yatra, is also a difficult journey in India due to high elevation and difficult trekking ways up till the Char Dhams. 4 Dham meaning that the four sacred residence of the almighty, unsurprisingly comprises of Char Dham destinations such as, Yamunotri, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Badrinath. Placed in lap of Garhwal Himalayas Uttarakhand enclosed by massive picturesque beauty, the Char Dham not just tells answer from the period of life and also death, ‘Moksha’ but additionally assists in discovering inner calm and the significance of one’s life.

Each year countless numbers of yatris from all over India as well as various portions of the world bring part in this soulfulness liberating Char Dham Yatra that starts from last week of April and ends in month of October or November along with full-fledged traditions. Amidst the peasant settings, all Chardham Sites connecting you with the great Power on top of nature. Even offbeat in terms of road and amenities, this religious tracks lead you to surrealistic dales and also heathlands, every single has a glimpse to die for, there is a continuous experience of camping under the star-lit sky; trudging tracks that can be entered one person at a time, and periodically being challenged by unsettled weather condition. Absolutely, your dedication and also determination get made well with a private power leading and securing your journey to these religious destinations.

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Uttarakhand, the land of Gods, is a accepted place where divinity seems to echo in every part. You will find four many pious websites that are religious here which are together called the Char Dhams of Himalayas or Char Dham of Uttarakhand. Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri are the spots that are sanctified make up the Char Dham Yatra in Garhwal.

Recommended Chardham Tour Packages

Uttarakhand, the land of Gods, is a accepted place where divinity seems to echo in every part. You will find four many pious websites that are religious here which are together called the Char Dhams of Himalayas or Char Dham of Uttarakhand. Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri are the spots that are sanctified make up the Char Dham Yatra in Garhwal. It is looked upon being a very important and pilgrimage that is revered Hindu religion. The completion of the yatra that is sacred thought to be liberating for the soul it releases the soul through the shackles of life and death.

Our Chardham Yatra Package 2023 were created to you in accomplishing the most journey that is remarkable of life time. These packages are created so as to accommodate needs that are diverse preferences. Important spiritual places or attractions around the primary Dhams will also be included to offer the best spiritual and experience that is emotional. We could also help you create a CharDham that is customised Yatra from Haridwar, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad & from other towns of India, that is more suitable to your preferences or desires.


Book My Chardham is a Online travel agency to book Chardham Yatra Packages 2023 to explore more religious mandir of Hindu Religion Shri Badrinath Temple, Shri Kedarnath Temple, Yamunotri Ji Temple and Gangotri Temple from different cities of India. You can make Chardham tour plan to visit some tourist places near by or on the way like Mussoorie, Harshil, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Chopta, Auli, Valley fo Flower and Hemkund Sahib etc. At Book My Chardham, We also offer you personalized Chardham Yatra Packages 2023 from major cities of India like Haridwar, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Surat, Dehradun, Rishikesh, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata, Vadodara, Jaipur, Nasik, Banglore, Lucknow etc.

Chardham Travel Experts

Our Chardham Experts, who bring diverse experience and skills to Tailor Made Char Dham Yatra as per Pilgrim Requirements, Char Dham Tours fixed departures from New Delhi & Haridwar, Luxury and Budget Char Dham Package by Private Taxi, Wide choices for char dham yatra by helicopter booking.

Chardham Yatra By Personal Car

Book my Chardham Yatra also offer customized Chardham Packages by personal Taxi to the pilgrims in Covid 19. our travel expert will help you to customize your trip as per your requirement and secure way. Devotees can start chardham yatra by personal taxi ex delhi as well as ex Haridwar.

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Being a customer-driven chardham travel company, book my chardham yatra fully understand the desires as well as compulsions of the traveler and take them into account while making chardham deals. The end result is custom-packages that allow clients to have maximum fun without burning a hole in the pocket.

Chardham Yatra By Helicopter

Book My Chardham Yatra offers Chardham Helicopter Service with us and make your Chardham yatra more relaxing, very simple available and short the Chardham tour. Get Chadham Yatra by Helicopter, Do Dham by Helicopter, Ek Dham Yatra by Helicopter & Kedarnath Helicopter Booking etc.

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Based on a transparent business model and with over 5000+ happy customers, Chardham Yatra. today of the fastest growing tour operators for Chardham Yatra 2021. Book My Chardham Yatra experts with experience in all expect should be aspect of planning and execution, and can give wings to your dreams Chardham Yatra.

1000+ Chardham Hotels

Bookmychardhamyatra have alliance with over 1000+ hotels in Chardham including both budget and luxury hotels and can arrange accommodation for you as per you demands and budget. Many of Chardham hotels are known for outstanding services and genial hospitality, so you are assured of a pleasant stay.

Chardham Yatra FAQ’S 2023

When is the Char Dham Yatra started ?

Every Year Chardham Yatra starts from the last week of April or May onwards and goes on till October or November as the Kapat of all four temples (Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yumunotri) stay open till the time of “Diwali Festival” which is celebrated every year and after yatra the doli of God and Goddess is moved downward for the winter season, Kapat of Chardham temple stay shut down for the next five or six months due to thick snow fall as well as very cold weather.

Can Senior Citizens make this Journey?

Previously these types of Chardham yatra were complicated to Yatra these days the Government focussed of this area and offered with so numerous services for devotees going on chardham yatra. For a senior citizen, you'll find many helicopter services to Chota Chardham on top this if senior citizen is incapable to buy that then poney and also doly service are also offered. You'll find so many food stalls almost everywhere en route to your to Chardham and also well developed Chardham hotel amenities for accommodation is also offered which will make Chardham yatra for senior citizen very easy.

What are a Few Essential Items of Travel to Bring on yatra?

There are numerous points that are required to be considered while packing up the bag for Chardham yatra 2021. Because the chardham temples are situated at high elevation so the temperature will stay cool and additionally by night it turns out to be chilly so the most significant thing for you to definitely bring is your woolens( sweaters, caps,gloves etc) different than this one devotee want to carry the very first aid box, flashlight, extra power banks, chocolates, mobile chargers, raincoats, sport shoes and last the mosquito repellent.

Are There Any ATMs Available in Char Dham Sites?

You can get limited ATM services near Char Dham so it is recommended to withdraw cash in advance or you can even withdraw from the bank near which you are taking the night’s accommodation. there are some SBI and PNB Banks ATMs located.

How can I Book My Char Dham Yatra?

Moving on the Chardham yatra on your own private could help you create a many trouble and issues during the chardham yatra. If you book your Chardham packages by then we provide you many options of the Chardham hotel in your budget and also will also offers a trouble-free chardham yatra as we have get used to all the issues which will come in the chardham yatra and how to deal with these problems.

Why Should I go on Char Dham Yatra?

Chardham yatra keeps a great importance among the hindu devotees. It is known that by moving on this chardham yarta one may get the ideal moksha and can certainly be opened from the ring of Karma. Uttarakhand Chota Chardham is situated in Garhwal region and you'll find various temples in some districts of Garhwal. Chardham temples are committed to different deities like Gangotri is committed to Goddess Ganga, Yamunotri is committed to Goddess Yamuna, Badrinath is committed to Lord Vishnu and Kedarnath is committed to Lord Shiva . Chardham yatra is beyond life religious experiences which one must have at minimum once in our lifetime.

What Medical Facilities will be provided during the Yatra?

During the Chardham yatra there are some camps in chardham which are completely furnished with all of basic medical amenities and different kinds of medicines and also bandages. Oxygen cylinders will also be offered for going on the high elevation where one cannot breathing easily. Different medical-related check-up camps are fix to check the health of devotees prior going on chardham yatra. And further you require to carry a very first aid box while moving on Chardham yatra and also medicines .

What is the Best Time to go to Char Dham Yatra?

The starting month that is April to May and also from September to October is the ideal duration to come on Chardham yatra. It is recommended do not to come on Chardham yatra in monsoon time that is Mid June and July end due to frequent landslides in uttarakhand which makes the yatra really complicated.

What Kind of Accommodation Facilities are available?

You'll find different ideal options to pick from you are able to either stay in a GVMN (Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam) Hotels in Budget, there are many Lodges also the decent budget hotels in Chardham, apart from this additionally, there are various luxury resorts in Chardham to select from and there's a lot of 3 and 4-star hotels in chardham very close to Chardham temples. There are several basic amenities which can be the same almost everywhere like: hot and cold water facilities, pre veg food and comfortable bedding. There are several hotels in Chardham having their own restaurants to ensure that devotee don't have to take the difficulty get meals.

What are the benefits of Going on Char Dham Yatra by Helicopter?

Chardham Yatra By Helicopter very first will save a great deal of time and thus you'll find a lot of extra time period to discover close by spots to the Chardham temple. Chardham Yatra by Helicopter offers you a priority VIP darshan pass to all the Chardham temple and more significantly the view or the peaks and valley which you will definitely get using Chardham helicopter Service is mesmerizing.

Can We Visit Chardham During Covid-19 or Novel Corona Virus Effect?

Yes, All four temple is open for devotees, you can visit Chardham with Center and Uttarakhand Govt Guidelines and Advisory

How to Book Kedarnath Helicopter Services?

Yes, You Can Book Kedarnath Helicopter Services with us at very discounted price, We offers 100% Confirm Ticket for you, kedarnath helicopter service online booking 2020. Economical and passenger friendly shuttle services at Shri Kedarnath ji


Chardham Yatra Package is most beneficial Char Dham Yatra journey operator in Haridwar. Chardham Yatra ( Four Abodes in Uttarakhand ) tend to be four location that is holy tend to be referred to as Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath correspondingly and doing Yatra collectively referred to as Char Dham Yatra or Chardham Tour Uttarakhnad, it really is referred to as Chota Chardham Yatra Package. All religious yatra are very journey that is extremely significant Hindus.. Every tens of thousands of devotees, tourists and people stop by at The Char Dham by bus, car and heli yatra of char dham 12 months. Chardham Yatra Package is vital role to present Char Dham Yatra with cost this is certainly well along with good facilities of Hotel etc

About Chardham Yatra Package

Be sure all your preparing Chardham Yatra Packages 2023 is done in advance and it is {incredibly|quite} significant for you to maintain this at heart. Select a religious package for Char Dham that matches all of devotee needs and requirement as a pilgrim devotee. Chardham Yatra starts in end of April or Start in May and continues to be available for the period of six months plus it last close on between October to November every year. Best time to get Chardham Yatra Packages 2023 will likely be between the months of May to June and September to October. Exploring on the Chardham Yatra 2023 during the rainy season months are not recommended due to weather that is unexpected and an total intense weather issues. Chardham Yatra stays close for Darshan for all the wintertime months whenever the region that is entire doused in hefty snow. Then you should definitely go on Yatra after the rainy season if you desire to experience the awesome impressive might regarding the environment Himalayan beauty.

Book My Chardham Yatra offers best packages deals for Chardham Yatra Packages and also offers devotee with the opportunity that is unique go on excursions tours of the close by tourist sites aswell. Our Chardham packages will be secure, safe and risk free of Covid-19* along with being extremely smooth and comfortable minus all the delays which can be unforeseen. Through our Chardham Yatra Packages 2023 devotee will end up in a position to have probably the most time that is religious of life based on your own budget and requirement.

Book my Chardham Yatra tour packages that provides devotee through Chardham Yatra with most famous temples of Kedarnath, Badrinath Gangotri and Yamunotri. Every Dham place is important for devotee. En route to Chardham temples you will discover many significant old and shrines that are similarly significant places of worships which will pique devotee desire throughout Chardham Yatra journey. devotee may want to select to go discover the Panch Prayags Yatra which can be holy autumn on the way.

You ought to definitely have on a Chardham Yatra when in a life time since based on to our Hindu mythology a pay a visit to to each and every one of these four sites will free you of your sins in life and free the devotee from the karmic cycle of birth and rebirth salvation that is ergo giving.

Note: Book My Chardham Yatra also offers Char Dham Yatra for 2023 from various towns of India like Bangalore, Pune, Vijayawada, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai,Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Nasik, Bhopal, Indore, Gwalior, Kolkata,Surat, Vadodara, Nagpur, Bhubaneswar, Kolkata, Lucknow, Meerut, Kanpur, Guwahati, Raipur,Chandigarh, Amritsar, Ranchi, Patna, Dehradun and others of India.

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