Gadsisar Lake Jaisalmer

Gadsisar Lake was a water conversation tank built in 1400 AD, and was constructed under the reign of Maharwal Gadsi Singh. If a traveller wants to enjoy bird watching on their tour to Jaisalmer, then Gadsisar lake is the right place to be. On the bank of Gadsisar lake one can see a gateway made of yellow sandstones known by the name of Tilon Ki Pol. A Krishna Temple is located by the side of the archway.

An interesting fact about the lake is that it never dries as it gets continuous water supply from the Indira Gandhi Canal. One can enjoy a calm and smoothing  boat ride on this lake. Gadsisar Lake is home to multiple variants of catfishes as well.


Near ‘Tillonki Gate’, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, 345001, India