Tijara Jain Temple

Known as an Atishaya Kshetra (Place of Salvation), Tijara Jain Temple is situated 110 Km away from Delhi and 55 Km from Alwar on the Delhi-Alwar Highway. It is a popular pilgrimage site for the Jains and a place of great interest for the ancient history lovers.


During an excavation in 1956 the main deity of Chandra Prabhu, the eighth Tirthankar was found and the temple was established. The 15 inches idol of Chandra Prabhu in Padmasana Mudra looks very beautiful and is made of white marble. This idol was installed on the 3rd day of Vishakha Shukla V.S 1554, as per the inscription. Later another 8 inches black idol of Chandra Prabhu was discovered in the similar lotus position in the year 1972. This was found under the expert supervision of Pujya Acharya Nirmal Sagarji Maharaj. The place regained as a pilgrimage after both the idols were installed.

The temple is rectangular in shape which gives a beautiful look to its architecture with a sky-high pinnacle. The big hall inside has a capacity to hold 2000 persons at a time. The interiors were done beautifully with glass work and colorful paintings depicting the mythological stories.

There is a strong belief that all the prayers done with true intensions were answered here and the ‘Kundli Dust’ even work like a remedy for all the sorrows and disease.


This beautiful temple can be visited anytime in the year and is open to everyone.


Tasty Pickles, papad and namkeen can be purchased. There are many stores located around that offers basic necessities.


An ancient 250 years old temple of Parshavanath nearby is a must visit. This is a beautiful place to visit with your family if you are looking for a weekend pilgrimage.


You can reach Tijara by train, bus, car and flight via Delhi and Alwar. The ancient city of Tijara is located in Alwar district of Rajasthan, which is 3 Km away from the famous Tijara Fort Palace.

Festivals in the Temple

Mahavir Jayanti is the festival celebrated in this temple, lasting five days in the month of April, it draws millions of the faithful from all over the world.