Badrinath Puja Rates

Badrinath Puja Rates

Details of Puja/Paath and Aarti and Rates ₹

Morning Pooja 4:30 to 6:30 AM 1. Maha Abhishek (1 Person) : 4300.00 2. Abhishek Puja (1 Person) : 4101.00 6:30 AM to 12 Noon & 3 PM 3. Ved Path (1 Person) : 2100.00 4. Geeta path (1 Person) : 2500.00

Puja on Special Occasions
1. Bhagwan Nar-Narayan Janmotsava (in Srawan Month) : 4951.00
2. Shrawani abhishek (in Srawan Month) : 11701.00
3. Shri Krishan Janmastami Utsava : 10551.00

Other offerings
1. Donation for Renovation work : 1001.00 or above

Badrinath Special Puja

1. Shrimad Bhagwat Saptah Path : 35101.00
2. Entire Pujas of a day (1 Person) : 11700.00

Evening Aarti/Archana & Path (6 PM to 9 PM)

1. Swarna Aarti (1 Person) : 376.00
2. Vishnusahasranam Path (1 Person) : 456.00
3. Kapoor Aarti (1 Person) : 151.00
4. Shayan Aarti (1 Person) : 3100.00

Daily or Periodical Puja/ Bhog & Akhand Jyoti
1. Akhand Jyoti Annual : 4951.00
2. Ghrit Kambal Ghee on closing day : 4951.00
3. Ghee for Deepak on closing day : 3511.00
4. Akhand Jyoti One day 1451.00

For Advance Bookings of Badrinath Mandir Pooja Contact:

Shri Badrinath – Shri Kedarnath Temples Committee
Maa Chandra Badni Temple,
Near Kargi Chowk & Oberoi Nissan Motors,
Kargi Grant, Haridwar By-pass road,
Dehradun, Uttarakhand – 248001. INDIA.
Telefax: + 91 – (135) 2627122
E-mail: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]
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Sandwiched in between Nar and Narayan hill ranges, Badrinath in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand is certainly one one of the most desired pilgrim centers in the Indian subcontinent. Badrinath is beautifully set within the backdrop of the colossal Neelkanth mountain peak and never does not make the visitor spellbound with its gorgeousness that is unparalleled.. The definition of Badrinath is a derivative of badri, this means the accepted place where beries develop abundantly.

Someplace, which holds so fables being numerous legends, Badrinath acquires predominance in the travel itinerary of a pilgrim. The fact that is popular that Badarinath was the domain of Lord Shiva, and Lord Vishnu been able to unseat Shiva from right here to Kedarnath. Another belief is that whenever Ganga made her descend to earth she separate in to twelve streams and another among the channels, Alakananda felt on Kedarnath which gives Badrinath it’s majestic look.

It is not activities that are simply recreational shrines and pilgrimage that Badrinath offers. It proffers the beauty that is awesome of snow clad mountain peaks and also the surging landscapes of the Garhwal area.



Badrinath is on the list of Chota Char Dhams and it also figures in the main Chardham, this occupying a place that is unique the pilgrimage circuit of Hindus. In reality, you can simply earn merit by happening a Badrinath Yatra if, for any reason, you can’t complete Chota Char Dham or Bada Chardham Yatras.


Char Dham Temple Opening Date Closing Date
Yamunotri 26 Apr 2020 16 Nov 2020
Gangotri 26 Apr 2020 15 Nov 2020
Kedarnath 29 Apr 2020 16 Nov, 2020
Badrinath 15 May 2020 25 Oct 2020

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It is revered among the most sacred pilgrimages in the world – four temples nestled in seclusion, among the mighty peaks that are himalayan. Absolutely nothing spells devotion more than a check out towards the Char Dhams. Ganga, Yamuna, Vishnu, and also the mighty Shiva occur in their purest incarnations up here, as well as for a Hindu, it is the one that is closest can come to experiencing heavenly bliss.

What is 4 Dham Yatra and why is it so significant?

Char Dham, literally ‘the four abodes’, yatra refers to the journey up the mountains to four temples that are sacred the North Indian state of Uttarakhand. It is also referred to as ‘Chhota Char Dham’ to distinguish it from the larger circuit of Char Dham sites. The 4 dhams that comprise Char Dham are Yamunotri Ji Dham, Gangotri Dham Ji, Badrinath Dham Ji and Kedarnath Ji Dham.

Yamunotri Dham, named after the Goddess Yamuna, may be the dham that is first route the yatra. A bath in the holy waters of Yamuna river is said to clean one of all sins and protect from untimely death. Gangotri Dham, the temple that is second falls in the Chota Char Dham circuit, could be the birthplace of the holy river Ganga. Kedarnath, known whilst the land of Lord Shiva, has got the highest located jyotirling. Situated on the banking institutions of Mandakini River, the view of this temple against its backdrop that is snowy is. Badrinath, named after Lord Badri(Vishnu), is located along the banks of Alaknanda River. Also area of the larger Char Dham circuit, it stands beautifully on Garhwal Hill, rearing its head that is golden and its red flags with Godly presence.




Baba Kedar’s ‘doli’ leaves for Kedarnath Dham

The doors of Kedarnath Dham are to open on April 29. 43 years later, this time Baba Kedar’s Doli was taken from Gaurikund from Ukhimath. Earlier in 1977, Baba Kedar’s Doli was moved from Ukhimath to Guptkashi. At the same time, devotees also could not see Baba’s doli due to the doli going in the

Chardham yatra

The doors of Kedarnath will open on 14 May and Badrinath on 15

Dehradun. The orifice dates of Kedarnath and Badrinath being extended. This is basically the time this is certainly very first record that the time of opening associated with the doors changed. Now the hinged doorways of Kedarnath will start on 14 May and that of Badrinath on 15 might. Uttarakhand’s Culture Minister Satpal Maharaj launched

Kedarnath Luxury Helicopter Package for families and group

Kedarnath Yatra By Helicopter

Chardham Yatra by helicopter is arranged by the tour that is local travel operators and the helicopter services are arranged along with the personal and federal government aviation operators. Optimum of 6 to 7 pilgrims can take the pilgrimage of by helicopter. You will need to consult the tour operator about the most recent rates